About Green Oxford Academy— 關於長榮牛津國際學院 —


The only school in Taiwan with three international certifications!


Green Oxford Academy is the only school in Taiwan to have received three international certifications from Cambridge Assessment International Education, OxfordAQA, and the British Council Partner Schools.

We are advancing with the times and working in line with both the nation’s bilingual policy and the MOE’s “international education 2.0” plan. Our educational aim to achieve “long-term international education and glory on the world stage” will integrate with the world and bring in quality international courses. We will cultivate global communication skills to nurture international talent from Taiwan by creating an immersive learning environment. Students coming out of Green Oxford Academy will not only shine in Taiwan, but will also have their goals set on the world. Graduates of the high school international curriculum will be able to apply to top universities around the world and fulfill their dreams.


長榮牛津國際學院 南台灣教育機構先驅

全台灣唯一 獲得三項國際教育認證


台南市長榮牛津國際學院,是台灣唯一獲得三項國際認證的學校,獲得「英國劍橋大學國際考評部 (Cambridge Assessment International Education)、英國牛津大學國際AQA考試院 (OxfordAQA)、英國文化協會全球夥伴學校 (British Council Partner Schools)」證認肯定。


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